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I have been reccing SG-1 fics regularly for stargateficrec since April 2006. This journal is an organized archive of those recs, with extensive tags to help the reader find specific types of fics. The style and headings of the recs are taken directly from stargateficrec, and I strongly encourage SG-1 fans to drop by the community and check out the other recs.

The listing of all recs in alphabetical order is current through July 2017.

I am first and foremost a gen reader and reccer, and a huge fan of the team dynanic with an extra serving of Daniel on the side. Unless a story is specifically tagged as including a pairing - to date, only 29 fics out of well over 1,000 - the story is definitely gen.

Fics are organized by character, genre, friendship, and season. While I obviously enjoy and recommend all the stories here, personal favorites are tagged as reccer's choice.

My personal LJ is sg_fignewton. I can be reached at my gmail address: sg1[dot]fig

A note for those comfortable tweaking URLs: LJ allows you to search for entries that contain two tags. For example, if you wished to search for humorous team recs, you could type this in this URL:


Remember that any tag with a space (such as "character study") will have to have either a blank space or "%20" inserted in the URL.

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