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Fig Newton's SG-1 Fic Recs
for the SG-1 fan with gen-colored glasses
(Im)patient, by Green_grrl (PG-13) 
16th-Jun-2015 10:52 am
fic rec
Rec Category: Jack and Daniel friendship
Categories: humor
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: green_grrl
Author's Website: green_grrl at AO3
Link: (Im)patient

Why This Must Be Read: When this classic Jack-and-Daniel piece was recently archived on AO3, I smiled at the appearance of an old friend... and then double-checked my lists, and was shocked to discover that I'd never actually recced it!

So sit back and enjoy an absolutely delightful Jack-in-DC fic in which Daniel, thankfully, includes "Jack" as one of his many languages. Snark, fondness, snappy dialogue, and pitch-perfect friendship. Wear whatever goggles you'd like. :)

As he came down the hallway, Daniel could hear a full-scale O'Neill tantrum through the door.

"What is it with this hospital and oatmeal?! Is it too much to ask to get a freaking coffee and a doughnut?"

"I'm sorry, sir! I really can't..." Daniel heard a very young and quavering voice.

"Sick man, here! I'd like to die happy!"

"Oh, I'm really not supposed to..." Pause. "I'll see if I can slip a doughnut out of our break room for you."

"Thank you!"

A pretty girl came flying out of the room.

"Well, obviously not dead yet," Daniel snarked from the doorway.
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