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Fig Newton's SG-1 Fic Recs
for the SG-1 fan with gen-colored glasses
Recent Entries 
Rec Category: Crossover
Categories: Sam, team, humor
Warnings: crossover with Discworld
Author's Journal: moragmacpherson
Author's Website: MoragMacPherson at AO3
Link: The Color of Logic

Why This Must Be Read: This is a Sam fic, mostly. But it's also team fic, and friendship fic, and Discworld fic. If you're not a Discworld fan, you'll enjoy this for the sheer crackiness of the team dealing with tiny blue men, mysterious sweepers, and canny old witches; but if you are a Discworld fan, you'll love Lu Tze talking to Sam and the Daniel following the dickering of Nanny with the Nac Mac Feegle and Lancre's stone circle doubling as a Stargate. Lots of fun, with some great Sam character study thrown in for good measure!

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Rec Category: Crossover
Characters: Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Thor (ish)
Categories: humor, Jack and Daniel friendship, Sam and Daniel friendship
Warnings: crossover with Avengers
Author's Journal: tallulah_rasa
Author's Website: tallulah_rasa at AO3
Link: If I Had a Hammer

Why This Must Be Read: Post S10: Sam, Daniel, Jack, and Thor!

...No, that Thor.

A gleeful little crossover, sparkling with classic Tallulah Rasa dialogue and snark and friendship. Smile-inducing!

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28th-Jun-2018 05:32 pm - Splintered, by Sally M (PG-13)
sam teal'c stalking fic, sam is reading
Rec Category: Quantum Mirror
Categories: angst, AU, original characters, Daniel, Siler, Sam
Warnings: various AU deaths/Goa'ulding/injuries
Author's Journal: sallynmn
Author's Website: Sally M at AO3
Link: Splintered
Why This Must Be Read: Here are various fascinating might-have-beens, seen through the (literally) splintered lens of the Quantum Mirror, complete with (literal) mirrored reactions. Fascinating, creepy, wry - all good!

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team patch by paxm
Rec Category: Team
Categories: friendship, humor
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: unknown
Author's Website: AuroraNova at AO3
Link: Another Day, Another Planet

Why This Must Be Read: Teeeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmm. :D

Delicious, bantery, early season teamy goodness with lots of snappy dialogue to the background of an off-world mission. Cinderella gets analyzed, Daniel isn't mostly dead, Teal'c gets educated, and it's a happy-ever-after for SG-1 as they come home safely.

I love how easily their friendship shows through all this. Guaranteed to make you smile!

Jaffa legend. Giant rats. An alien moon. Just another day in Jack’s crazy life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
team patch by paxm
Rec Category: Five Things
Categories: Daniel, team, humor, angst
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: lilyleia78
Author's Website: Author's Website: lilyleia78 at AO3
Link: Five Ways Daniel ends up in prison

Why This Must Be Read: Five different times one of Daniel's sense got him in trouble off-world, complete with snark, teamy goodness, and delightful Danielness!

For once, Daniel couldn’t really be blamed for landing himself in jail. All he had done was call Sam over for a closer look at something vaguely football shaped that was producing a low hum. In order to examine the object properly, the two doctors removed their sunglasses. That was when all hell broke loose.
30th-May-2018 04:36 pm - One Day, by Yvi (PG)
fanfic fix
Show: SG-1

Rec Category: Teal'c
Characters: Teal'c, Drey'auc, Ry'ac
Categories: character study, pre-series
Pairings: Teal'c/Drey'auc
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: yvi
Author's Website: Yvi at AO3
Link: One Day

Why This Must Be Read: Here is a lovely snapshot of time: Teal'c, in the days before COTG, sharing a meal with wife and son. I love the careful dance that Teal'c and Drey'auc follow, speaking to Ry'ac about fellow Jaffa without ever stepping over the line. Beautifully done.

Teal'c remembered how life had been like when his father had been Cronus' First Prime. The memories of his death were painful, but they had also taught him a valuable lesson about the people on the other side of his weapon.
30th-Apr-2018 06:14 pm - To Be or Not to Be, by Thothmes (PG)
fic rec
Rec Category: Pre-series
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Claire Jackson, original character
Categories: drama, kidfic
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: thothmes
Author's Website: fic tag
Link: To Be or Not to Be

Why This Must Be Read: For someone with a genuinely tragic childhood, Daniel is remarkably resilient and has incredible faith in people. That had to come from somewhere...

This is a fabulous perspective on Claire Jackson and her strength of conviction and the values she instilled in her son. With an extra twist of what-could-have-been, this is kidfic at its best.

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26th-Apr-2018 12:14 pm - Gribbles, by Mific (G)
Rec Category: Humor
Categories: Teal'c, Sam, Jack, Daniel, stealth crossover, humor, team
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: mific
Author's Website: Mific at AO3
Link: G is for Gribbles

Why This Must Be Read: This was just posted, and after laughing out loud twice while reading it, I just had to rec it immediately.

It's an alien incursion through the Quantum Mirror! Just... not precisely what you might be expecting.

Teamy, bantery, and gleefully in character. Go forth and read!

"It is already a foothold situation," Teal'c added gravely. He thought for a moment. "Or possibly a furhold situation."
gen colored glasses, so good even jack read it
Rec Category: Five things
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Samantha Carter, General Hammond, multiple friendships, angst, episode related, hurt/comfort
Warnings: references to canonical character deaths
Author's Journal: rachel500
Author's Website: Rachel500 at AO3
Link: Every Darkness Has a Light

Why This Must Be Read: The summary of this is "five times Daniel sat alone in a dark room," but in reality, it's "five times Daniel tried to sit alone in a dark room, until someone rescued him." And it's truly lovely, as five different depressing, dark moments that Daniel canonically suffered are mitigated and consoled by various friends. I love how the choice of each person so fits the situation. A very warming read.

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20th-Feb-2018 07:30 pm - Fragments, by Nomad (PG-13)
fic rec
Rec Category: Drama
Categories: Jack, Sam, McKay, Janet, General Hammond, angst, horror, mystery, Jack and Daniel friendship
Warnings: suicidal themes
Author's Journal: nomadicwriter
Author's Website: Nomad at AO3
Link: Fragments

Why This Must Be Read: When a post-Abyss Jack wakes up in the infirmary with no memory of what put him there, he has to deal with unsettling claims of his past actions, the NID breathing down his neck, the Asgard's demands for his presence, a guilt-ridden Sam, a mysteriously absent Teal'c, and an infuriatingly enigmatic Ascended!Daniel. With the grudging help of an abrasive McKay, can he figure out what's really going on?

This is a long, absorbing mystery, told tightly within a very confused Jack's POV, that will keep you guessing throughout all its twisty turns.

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fanfic fix
Rec Category: Sam and Daniel friendship
Characters: Sam, Daniel, character study, ep related, angst
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: sixbeforelunch
Author's Website: sixbforelunch at AO3
Link: expert only at unspeakable things

Why This Must Be Read: In the wake of Need, Daniel has to repair the friendships and relationships he broke while under the influence of the sarcophagus. In this beautiful story, Daniel musters the courage to heal his friendship with Sam - over overpriced coffee, quiet confessions, and the unspoken bond the two of them share.

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19th-Feb-2018 09:26 pm - It Must Be Love, by GateGremlyn (PG)
Rec Category: Humor
Categories: Jack, Hammond, team
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: gategremlyn
Author's Website: GateGremlyn at AO3
Link: It Must Be Love

Why This Must Be Read: The team has to wrangle a drugged Jack to sleep it off in safety, but he's doing his best to drive them crazy in the meantime!

I love duct tape is my personal favorite line, but you'll be entertained throughout by Daniel's frustration, Wonder Twins commiseration, Hammond's unflappability, and Teal'c's own brand of deadpan snark. Teamy goodness in old skool style for the win!

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24th-Jan-2018 05:38 pm - Imposter Syndrome, by Antonomasia
fanfic fix
Rec Category: Samantha Carter
Categories: character study, ep related, quantum mirror
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: antonomasia09
Author's Website: antonomasia09 at AO3
Link: Imposter Syndrome

Why This Must Be Read: Of course Sam would work her way through the confusion of Ripple Effect through structual analysis...

This is a delightful character study of Sam and her stream-of-consciousness in the wake of meeting so many other Sam Carters - and other teammates - and the choices that altered their realities. It's perfectly Sam and a very enjoyable read.

She printed out a few of the more amusing graphs for herself and her teammates - Teal’c was going to love the pie chart of what pie was being served at the commissary tomorrow in seventy different universes - and then shut her computer down for the night.
fanfic fix
Rec Category: Original character
Categories: episode related, outside POV
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: ivorygates
Author's Website: ivorygates at AO3
Link: Z is for Zucker, Zeitgeist, and Ground Zero

Why This Must Be Read: I love good outsider perspective, when we know more than the character. In this superb portrayal of Sergeant David A. Zucker, working at Area 51, we get an alternate view of the opening scene of... well, Point of View. And it's just fantastic.

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gen colored glasses, so good even jack read it
Rec Category: Team
Categories: Sam, friendship
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: princessofgeeks
Author's Website: POG at AO3
Link: When the Rain Comes

Why This Must Be Read: This is a short, sweet, smile-inducing snippet of the team at the very beginning of a mission, from Sam's POV. They might be experiencing rain, but you'll feel nothing but warm sunshine from the sheer team love.

Team bickering, rain, trees, a quiet late-afternoon kind of day… she had a good feeling about this mission already.
19th-Dec-2017 11:46 am - je ne sais quoi, by Magistrate (PG)
fanfic fix
Rec Category: Episode Related
Categories: Jonas, Nyan, character study
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: magibrain
Author's Website: Magistate at AO3
Link: J is for je ne sais quoi

Why This Must Be Read: Stargate is at its best when it asks the hard questions. This time, in the wake of the NID's mistreatment of civilians during Nightwalkers, it's Nyan and Jonas who consider the ethical implications, both on Earth and how it would have played out on their own planets.

I love the outsider perspective, the hints of loneliness from the aliens who settled on Earth, and the sadness of the resignation with which Nyan and Jonas accept that life just goes on. Superbly written, like everything from Magistrate.

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8th-Nov-2017 12:30 pm - Growing Pains, by KelinciHutan (G)
fanfic fix
Rec Category: Episode Related
Categories: Charlie the Reetou, Jack, team, Jacob/Selmac, Aldwin, Tok'ra, angst, friendship, kidfic
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: bungakertas
Author's Website: KelinciHutan at AO3
Link: Growing Pains

Why This Must Be Read: Here's an exploration of what happened to Charlie the Reetou after he walked through the Stargate with Jacob at the end of Show and Tell. The story skims the surface as a bit, as it's wholly from a child's perspective, but I really liked the in-canon timeline explanations and the frustrations that Charlie experiences as a child with the Tok'ra.

Also, his symbiote is awesome. :)

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2nd-Nov-2017 07:47 pm - Z is for Zenith, by Magistrate (G)
fic rec
Rec Category: Daniel Jackson
Categories: team, Jack and Daniel friendship, character study
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: magibrain
Author's Website: magistrate at AO3
Link: Z is for Zenith

Why This Must Be Read: This is a beautiful snapshot of Daniel in early S7: doing his thing on a very alien planet while still not quite sure of his place in the universe, on the team, with Jack. But his team - his friends - will back him up, just the same.

This reads like the first part of a bigger story not yet written, but is wholly satisfying on its own, too.

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31st-Oct-2017 04:34 pm - Helping Hands, by Thothmes (PG)
team patch by paxm
Rec Category: Team
Categories: humor, friendship, off-world
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: thothmes
Author's Website: fic tag
Link: H is for Helping Hands

Why This Must Be Read: Glorious off-world shenanigans when the team is stranded on a planet by a very malfunctioning Stargate. You'll love how each member finds his or her place in the village and the very in-character humor sprinkled throughout.

snippet of fic...Collapse )
fanfic fix
Rec Category: Vala Mal Doran
Categories: Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Cam, Jack, character study, five things
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: grammarwoman
Author's Website: Fic and Vid List
Link: Four things Vala would miss about Earth if she left & one that she wouldn't

Why This Must Be Read: This is an excellent character study of Vala as outsider, considering her options and the people she's met on Earth. Her thoughts on Sam are my favorite, but they're all very well done with stellar characterization!

Vala had a series of escape plans worked out even before she stepped through the Gate that first time to Daniel's world, plans that were discarded and replaced on her initial evaluation of the layout of the SGC. As her stay with the Tau'ri went on, the constant calculations for strategic withdrawal running through her head became a soothing background noise. A jarring note introduced itself, though, when she realized how much she would miss what she would be leaving behind.
28th-Aug-2017 03:43 pm - Not Even Tuesday, by SallyMN (PG)
Rec Category: Jack O'Neill
Categories: team, Cam, humor, Siler
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: sallymn
Author's Website: Sally M at AO3
Link: Not Even Tuesday

Why This Must Be Read: General!Jack comes to the rescue of a very frazzled Mitchell in an extremely wacky situation... which is probably just another day in the life of SG-1, really. :)

Great Jack voice, delicious humor, and bonus deadpan Siler for the win!

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fic rec
Rec Category: Jack and Daniel friendship
Categories: angst, character study, horror
Warnings: major character deaths
Author's Journal: agentotter
Author's Website: Otter at AO3
Link: The Standard of Comparison

Why This Must Be Read: Oldskool classic fic! This is intense Jack and Daniel friendship, with a typically Otterish twist that you will not see coming... even if, upon rereading, you realize that all the clues were right there.

snippet of fic...Collapse )
13th-Jul-2017 08:46 pm - Lesson Learned, by JDJunkie (G)
gen colored glasses, so good even jack read it
Rec Category: Teal'c and Daniel friendship
Categories: fluff!
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: jdjunkie
Author's Website: JDJunkie at AO3
Link: Lesson Learned

Why This Must Be Read: This charming little ficlet is both metaphorically and literally sweet: a peaceful moment of friendship between Teal'c and Daniel, at the beginning.

And of course this one pushes all my happy buttons, because JDJunkie wrote it at my request. :)

This world. Earth's. His world, and now Teal'c's.
6th-Jul-2017 12:06 pm - N is for Nishta, by Pepper (G)
Rec Category: Humor
Categories: team, Teal'c, Jacob Carter, episode related
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: pepper_field
Author's Website: PepperF at AO3
Link: N is for Nishta

Why This Must Be Read: When the purely human members of SG-1 have a delayed reaction to nishta, Teal'c and Jacob decide to seize the opportunity...

Teal'c pwnage and Jacob pwnage are apparently exponential. :)

This ficlet was originally my birthday present, and I have no idea why it took me so long to rec. Go read it now!

"They are usually most argumentative," agreed Teal'c, blandly.

"Yeah," said Jacob, thoughtfully. "Usually."

Jacob... said Selmak, warningly – but she said it with such amusement that he wasn't fooled for a moment.
29th-Jun-2017 04:24 pm - Snapshot, by regentzilla (G)
fanfic fix
Rec Category: Pre-series
Categories: Daniel/Sha're
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: unknown
Author's Website: regentzilla at AO3
Link: Snapshot

Why This Must Be Read: Daniel's framed picture of Sha're had to come from somewhere...

If not for our knowledge of what's coming, this little ficlet would merely be charming fluffiness. As it is, this is bittersweet, gentle, and makes you glad this opportunity didn't slip past before it was too late.
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